Friday, October 10, 2014

New Jersey Drive - BE Feature on Rodney Rikai

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Father, host, multi-preneur, NC A&T Aggie, Jersey-ian, wide receiver (NFS), Rodney Rikai is currently the Washington Wizards in-arena host and go-to-guy for many of Nike's premiere events.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rodney for Black Enterprise while he was in New York City. He was getting ready to start filming a new show for a major network, not to my surprise.

The inter webs and my consistent curiosity get the credit for me learning about Rodney. When Kela Walker was competing to be the next host of Music Choice's new show "You and A," so was Rodney. Interested in learning more about cool on-air personalities, I did some research.

Not only was he the in-arena host of one of my favorite NBA teams (like 3rd fave and you know that's huge for me), he also produces his own web series called "Dreamers" which is uber-inspiring and aligned with the kind of content I want to contribute to the world. I was particularly intrigued and impressed when he reflected on his interview with filmmaker Rock Davis. Take a listen for yourself here.

We started following each other on Twitter and the rest is history. He's funny and smart so he's interesting to follow and adds value to my timeline. As he states in his article, he is also polite, which made him a pleasure to interview. One of my favorites thus far.

Instead of me telling you more about Rodney, check out our interview on here.

Also, lookout for our video interview I took for a new web series I'll be launching on my youtube channel soon!



Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Talking Sports and Philanthropy with Nubia Murray

Being involved in sports at a young age has allowed me the opportunity to gain a powerful perspective on the way the world works. They have allowed me to put principles to the test and see the results, both short term and over time. 

The insight sports gave me was enhanced once I learned about careers in the sports industry through PowerPlay, NYC, a program dedicated to educating and empowering girls through sports. The enlightenment I received led me to inspire youth in the same way, especially those who would not normally have these opportunities because they lacked the resources to pay for them or these programs were not offered in their neighborhoods. 

I met Nubia at a fundraiser for PowerPlay, NYC many years ago. Nubia believes that sports made a similar impact on her life and has been involved in sports philanthropy for several years. Interviewing her was refreshing as we have talked about our paths and missions before. We both grew up close to or in urban settings, went to Historically Black Colleges (HBCU's), and work or have worked in corporate giving at entities with sports properties. I am glad to continue the conversation, now with the readers and followers of Black Enterprise and you!  

You may check out the story below: 

Nubia Murray used sports as a vehicle to drive her from Chicago’s South Side to managing philanthropic sports initiatives for one of the top banks in the world.
Crediting sports for opening doors to educational opportunities as well as developing her strong work ethic and competitive drive, Murray has spearheaded several initiatives for JPMorgan Chase & Co. such as the Corporate Challenge running series, which for five years, she managed in the United States, South Africa, Sydney and Singapore. In every host city, JPMorgan Chase & Co. partners with a nonprofit beneficiary, including the anti-violence initiative, Get In Chicago, in Nubia’s hometown. 
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Let me know your thoughts! 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mia's Full Court Press in the Public Employee Press

District Council 37 (DC37) - New York City's largest union, has done much great work in the area of labor rights so I am glad to post this the day after Labor Day in their honor!

I was glad to serve them and offer encouragement to the members of local 1549, specifically their women's committee for Women's History Month.

In the June issue of the Employee Press they featured a short write up of the event and a photo in their monthly newspaper. Please see below.



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Interview with The Section 357 Show - The Global Full Court Press

I had the great opportunity to speak to the awesome guys at The Section 357 Show, a podcast that just celebrated it's 4th year and 341st episode! Love how they called our interview The (Global) Full Court Press - think I may have to change the name of the blog!? Lol. We'll see.

On the show, I spoke about my sports experience in Ghana, Lebron going back to Cleveland, the state of playground basketball and more. As I have said in my previous post on my trip, it was certainly an eye... mind, body and soul-opening experience that changed my perspective on sports and how it can affect world change. The principles that I as a young woman learned from organized sports are still being used in my life today, nonetheless, I was not aware or maybe just not conscious that this opportunity was not as available to my young women counterparts across the globe.

Granted, there are some women that play basketball and are involved in sports in Ghana and beyond, nonetheless the amount of girls involved in sports in NYC is half that of young boys (via PowerPlay, NYC), so the numbers are even lower when it comes to countries that are still undergoing development.

I hope to contribute to women's sports globally very soon and have plans to in 2015 so stay tuned!

Check out the full episode of the show below and Follow The Section 357 Show on Twitter here.